What is an ADSL speed test?

An ADSL speed test is a speed test performed to check the quality and download speed of a connection. The ADSL speed test is a way to verify that the speed of the user’s connection matches the connection speeds promised by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ADSL speed test works by checking the ‘ping’ and the download and upload bandwidth speed of your connection.

What do the these terms mean?

The ‘ping’ speed is the first speed that the ADSL speed test checks before moving on to checking the download and upload speed. The ‘ping’ refers to the reaction of the connection or how quickly a response occurs. The ‘ping’ should take milliseconds to occur. ‘Ping’ times vary depending on the distance between the user and the server which is being ‘pinged’. A ‘ping’ could vary in time between 50ms to 300ms on average.
Download Speed
The download speed is the second speed tested by the ADSL speed test. The download speed refers to how quickly data can be transferred from the server to the user. Download speed is designed to be higher than upload speed due to the fact that most common activity such as browsing or streaming is made up almost entirely of downloading.

Upload Speed

The upload speed is the final speed tested by the ADSL speed test. The upload speed refers to the speed with which the user’s device can transfer data to the server. This speed is designed to be lower than download speed because it is not as often in use by the average user and when it is in use, the volumes of data are smaller than those which exist when downloading. Both upload and download speed are measured in Mbps which are megabits per second.
Why is my speed slow?

In some instances, an Internet Service Provider may promise certain speeds and not deliver them to the customer. In these cases, the only way to perform a check is to use an ADSL speed test. However, slow speeds can be caused by other factors.It is beneficial to perform ADSL speed tests regularly not only to ensure that your ISP is providing you with the speeds you have paid for but also to ensure that all equipment is functional. Most users perform these ADSL speed tests when they believe a connection has slowed down and they are experiencing speeds lower that what they had in the past and find that the problem is either due to the ISP or due to the fact that their equipment has worn down and needs replacing.
How often should I perform an ADSL speed test?

An ADSL speed test should be performed regularly to check that speeds are fairly constant and that your router is working correctly as some users do not perform highly taxing tasks and would not notice the speed of their connection slowing down until they required their device to perform a task which resulted in a high volume of uploading or downloading such as backing up a hard drive to online storage or streaming media.

Broadband Speed Test

Broadband Speed Test

Virtually, everyone in every nook and cranny of the world come to terms with internet usage. Whilst for some it’s a walk in the park, it’s a daunting task for others. In that very sense, it’s ideal to keep up with mechanisms that give you the chance to figure out how fast the internet speed is so you don’t fret over inconveniences resulting in your inability to clear a task within the stipulated time frame. Well, a problem shared is half solved even though there can be a never one-size-fits-all solution to all troubles under the sun.In that fashion, if you’re a broadband internet user or planning to jet right into their services soon, good news has it that there’s a way to keep pulses with the internet broadband speed, thanks to broadband speed test, so you don’t get cast off guard while working on your pivotal project. You should, therefore, take the plunge right away into the incredibly amazing services so you make your internet navigating world formidable.

==How to go about it==

Well, it’s entirely easy. To get started, you should visit the broadband sites in order to furnish them with the relevant information pertaining to your devices. At this point, you should precisely provide appropriate information so you get the correct feedback. Some of the types of the broadband services include;
*Pulse8Broadband*Kijoma Broadband*ineedbroadband*BT Business Broadband*Avanti Satellite Broadband*Air Broadband.

These are some of the broadband users just to mention but a few. Additionally, since most user downloads are recorded when it comes to their speed, you can just figure out how it works by just checking the average download speed and making the comparison to the service you subscribe to, offering very much in the way of your convenience.==Significance of Checking Your Broadband speed==

Broadband speed test is indispensable in its totality. The main incontestable reason is, of course, ascertaining that your broadband provider is speedy enough so you navigate the internet with ease. Nonetheless, it also serves to open up your mind to better services or deals available within your vicinity. Another upside of checking your broadband internet speed is getting in a position to compare your services with those of your friends so you can detect if there’s a challenge.
==Ensuring the Test is Accurate==

One thing that’s undeniable is the broadband internet speed test it’s authentic. However, it’s ideal to take into account some precautions so things run smoothly during the test. You’ll actually evade the spiky and rough pathways while going about the entire process. To begin with, while running the test, ensure that no app or anything else is using your computer. They include Facebook and online radio. Also, make sure that no other devices utilize your computer as you go on. The devices include games or TV box that may come in the way of the process. Finally, it’s recommendable to run the test more than just once so you get assured that it wasn’t a blip at all. This will boost your confidence in the broadband speed test.With the roundup information, you must be a notch higher in matters broadband speed test. It’s not as complicated as it seems once you confidently try out. Soon enough, you’ll complain less about your internet connection, making your experience amazingly worthwhile.

internet speed test


Internet speed test is how fast you can receive data from the server to your computer and it is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). this is where you will be given a specific upload speed or download speed this brings us to a term we refer to as “ping” ping test determines how fast your connection will be, this means a fast ping has more connection to the server when either downloading or uploading files or receiving data. this is basically a measure of latency, which result to conduct whats we term as “real test “Internet speed test entails many factors that will determine how fast or slow your internet speed will be they include;

upload speed, this determines the rate at which data is transferred from the users computer to the internet most comapnies do the setting that download to be faster than uploading files to the server.

latency also defines the delay of how files

Imperfection of the internet speed test, this defines the workload and tests conducted with sample files by placing higher burden on your modem than the sample files will carry to fetch it, the tests will carry out for example if the workload or tests are happening at the same time on the same server it could affect the test of pulling data from the server.

Internet speed test also depends on the location of the server either when receiving or sending information, this means that you will get information faster if you are located within a specific server rage like same town or nearby city than you would if it was from the other state or continent.hence internet speed test services will automatically select a nearby server closer to the location and deliver fast information.

Workload being done on the internet also determine internet speed test like what active service are on your wi-fi connected devices or are you watching a movie or working on your computer while doing internet speed test so for this estimation to be effective or speed test to be estimated correctly make sure you switch of any device or rather any machine that can bring the interruption that will be competing with the currently bandwidth usage.

Internet speed test also depend much on time either down time or during rush hours this means if there are many people surffing on the internet on your local area this will likely result to slower internet speed test or pulling of data from the same server, hence peak time internet test if not as fast as it would be at a specific time like 3:pm.

internet speed test also depend on the devices one will use to his/her internet connection in his home or place of work if the device you have used are tested via wi-fi instead of the required hardware like the modem, the results will be affected, newer device like new model of computer are recommended that old generation mode of computers which are not compatible with current internet speed test