internet speed test


Internet speed test is how fast you can receive data from the server to your computer and it is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). this is where you will be given a specific upload speed or download speed this brings us to a term we refer to as “ping” ping test determines how fast your connection will be, this means a fast ping has more connection to the server when either downloading or uploading files or receiving data. this is basically a measure of latency, which result to conduct whats we term as “real test “Internet speed test entails many factors that will determine how fast or slow your internet speed will be they include;

upload speed, this determines the rate at which data is transferred from the users computer to the internet most comapnies do the setting that download to be faster than uploading files to the server.

latency also defines the delay of how files

Imperfection of the internet speed test, this defines the workload and tests conducted with sample files by placing higher burden on your modem than the sample files will carry to fetch it, the tests will carry out for example if the workload or tests are happening at the same time on the same server it could affect the test of pulling data from the server.

Internet speed test also depends on the location of the server either when receiving or sending information, this means that you will get information faster if you are located within a specific server rage like same town or nearby city than you would if it was from the other state or continent.hence internet speed test services will automatically select a nearby server closer to the location and deliver fast information.

Workload being done on the internet also determine internet speed test like what active service are on your wi-fi connected devices or are you watching a movie or working on your computer while doing internet speed test so for this estimation to be effective or speed test to be estimated correctly make sure you switch of any device or rather any machine that can bring the interruption that will be competing with the currently bandwidth usage.

Internet speed test also depend much on time either down time or during rush hours this means if there are many people surffing on the internet on your local area this will likely result to slower internet speed test or pulling of data from the same server, hence peak time internet test if not as fast as it would be at a specific time like 3:pm.

internet speed test also depend on the devices one will use to his/her internet connection in his home or place of work if the device you have used are tested via wi-fi instead of the required hardware like the modem, the results will be affected, newer device like new model of computer are recommended that old generation mode of computers which are not compatible with current internet speed test